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Update Archive

Hello and welcome to my Site Updates and News Archive page! I have no idea why anyone would be interested in this, but just in case here it is! :)

Update July, 23 2007

- A tempory page has been added to list all the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows stories. These stories will be added to the C2 groups, after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is less new, and less people will be spoiled simply by reading the spoilers. Stories after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Update October 30, 2006

- Wave 7 of stories has been added to the archive, the 47 stories that were added can be viewed on the first page of the Broom Closet for about a week.
- The fic count in the site is now 900 fics! (not counting the unsorted fics in the Broom Closet)
- New category Role Reversal has been added.
- All ratings have been changed to Fiction ones (K, K+, T, M)
- The few SS/HP (slash) fics on the site have been deleted (about 20 fics).
Update January 6, 2006

- The site has had an overhaul. The purple scheme is no more, to be replaced with a new green one. It should be easier for a lot of people to read now. Not everything is changed yet so please be patient.

Update October 6, 2005
- Wave 6 of stories added to the archive (25 stories).

Update September 26, 2005
- Added wave 5 of stories to the archive (21 stories), moved wave 6 up. :)

Update July 6, 2005
- And I'm done! Every story has been checked; dates, chapters, pennames updated and links updated. Missing fics were deleted and the count on the homepage reflects this. Please use the shout box if you see anything I missed. Thanks!

Update July 2, 2005
- I got up halfway through the C's.

Update Jun 30, 2005
-I've been going through the site, checking every single link and updating author pennames, last updated dates and number of chapters. So far I've got through the L-Z letters. If I missed anything please shout at me!

Update May 30, 2005
- I added a shout box to the homepage. Go ahead and use it to tell me of any broken links or mistakes too. :)
- The Active Story Page is updated, I went through every single fic listed there. From now on I'll list on the homepage the last date the page was updated, the active story page doesn't and has never counted as updating the site itself.
- The A and T pages have been seperated into thirds. All story titles starting with "A", "An" and "The" are now moved to new pages.
- All titles starting "Harry Potter and the..." have been moved to their own page.

Update May 28, 2005
- Well I finally got Macromedia Dreamweaver which means that I can finally access this site. :) I'll be updating things for awhile. Sorry for my long absence!

Update January 28, 2005
- The move to our new host has been completed. A HUGE thanks to animealam for all her help and for providing space on Ad-free servers. THANK YOU!

Update January 25, 2005
- Muggleville chapter 13 is up! you can alternately read it on the P&S Archive!

Update January 10, 2005
- Great news for the future of Snape and Harry fans everywhere! Potions and Snitches now has a fanfiction archive! Come visit the Potions and Snitches Archive!
- As if that weren't enough, we have a Forum too! :D

Update December 15, 2004
- Links page updated.

Update December 14, 2004
- Guide to Reviews is up.
- The Bunny Pound is up.
- 8000 hits to the home page! Whoooo!!

Update November 30, 2004
- 12th chapter of Muggleville is up!

Update November 15, 2004
- Potions and Snitches LiveJournal Community is up. Click!

Update November 13, 2004
- 47 fics added to the archive. You can see the complete list in the first page of the Broom Closet. I will leave them up for a few days yet.
- New pages added: More Information about the Site and "Who is Jan?"
- Navigation updated.
- 2000 visitors to the Entrance page, 5000 hits on the Home Page. Whoo hoooo! :)

Update November 2, 2004
- I updated Muggleville. Nearly took me a month and ended up having over 10,000 words and it doesn't feel as good as it could be but I was getting over tired of the chapter and needed to post something. Please review. :) Chapter Eleven.
- 1800 visitors to the Entrance page, Yay me! :D

Update October 27, 2004
- Broom Closet updated. (Wave Four moved up.)
- "Fun" page Help with Summaries: What NOT to do created.

Update October 12, 2004
- Navigation updated.

Update October 7, 2004
- After a long delay, the tenth chapter of Muggleville is up! I hope you like it.

Update October 2, 2004
- Broom closet third wave placed in archive.
- Entrance page modified.

Update September 30, 2004
- Category Pages up! :) They aren't perfect but I tried my best. Please msg me with any mistakes and stories I missed.

Father/Son Fics Page Two
Guardian Fics
Mentor Fics
Little Ones (Babies!)
Resorting Fics
Snape Only Fics

Update September 22, 2004
- Sometime this early morning we got 3000 hits to the home page! Yay!
- Broom Closet page One's fics were just placed in the right format.

Update September 21, 2004
- The Apprentice category is done.
- Father and Son page ONE is done (that means fics up to M).

Update September 17, 2004
- The FIVE FROGS Fic page is now up! Woot!
- The FOUR FROGS Fic page is now up! Yay yay!
- Broom Closet updated.

Update September 16, 2004
- Ninth chapter of Muggleville is up! Please read and review!! :) Yay! Thank you! Sorry it was later that I said it would be, some things happened, C2 Groups popped up, and I had to add another scene in the chapter. I think that it may be one of the longer chapters now so enjoy!
- A third page was added to the Broom Closet, this one has a list of fics I just found while browsing the newer pages on Fanfiction.net.

Update September 14, 2004

Fanfiction.net C2 Groups:

It seems that Fanfiction.net is trying out communities to recommend stories. Of course I had to hurry and be the first to create a general (that means mostly slash free) Snape and Harry group!! It's called Potions and Snitches (after my very large website). Basically it is a very large favourites list that you can visit and then subscibe to if you want an email alert when new stories are added.

If you would like to see the main group: (Please do!)


If you would like to see the second group:

Summary: Have you ever been excited about posting a story and receiving reviews only to get NONE the first week because no one knows about it? Here's the solution for new stories of unknown authors who have written about Severus Snape and Harry Potter in a Mentor, Guardian or FatherSon relationship. New writers email me to let me know about your story; everyone else can read and review.


If you would like to be on the staff just private message me, I need lots. :) Staff basically can add and delete stories from the list.

Update September 12, 2004
- EIGHTH chapter of Muggleville was uploaded yesterday! Please read and review. :) The Ninth chapter should be up within a day or two.
- The author profile urls have been fixed on the T page. I should start working on the category pages soon.

Update September 9, 2004
- All the author profile urls on the ABC pages (except for the T's) have been changed! Please let me know if you encounter any mistakes or broken urls.
- The Broom Closet was updated! Go check it out! On page ONE is a list of fics in the new format ready to be archived. They will be placed in the main archive soon so browse through them before they are lost in the vastness!! :) Page TWO has now been deemed browseable with summaries and links to the stories should you decide to read any that I haven't gone through yet.

Update September 6, 2004
- Fanfiction.net just gave notice that the author profile are going to change. The olds ones will stop working in a week. It looks like I will have to go through all the ABC pages ONCE AGAIN before I start on the category pages. It might take awhile... sorry guys, please be patient. :)

Update September 5, 2004
- The T page is finally up! WOOHOO!! It came out to be about 140 fics. Enjoy!

Update August 26, 2004

- Wheehh!! I am about halfway through (80/150) changing the urls on the T page. Hopefully I will be able to finish it soon but I seem to be on a serious time constraint because...

My family is moving across the country this weekend! I mean literally. I need to pack all my stuff up before Saturday because we are driving (lets all cheer for a 10 hour car ride! gah) to a new state and staying in a hotel until our apartment is ready. I see many days of unpacking coming up and there will probably be some issues with finding a computer to work on or even finding my computer when when our stuff arrives. *sigh* If you have ever moved you should know how much time it takes. :(

- YES, I do know that fanfiction.net has changed all its urls! I noticed before they even told everyone and I have been working like a BEE to change my thousands of urls as well as adding a thousand more fics in the archive. I thought that everyone would realize that I wasn't done yet since I've been posting messages about it every week or so in this update section, plasted little notes on the homepage above the category link section and on the T page, and have been telling people on on my YahooGroup. Ah well, I suppose that some people don't bother to even read these updates anyway. I actually have been working on updating the category pages but it will probably take some time. I spent 6 hours yesterday going through the A-L pages getting just the Baby fics together. I'm really tempted to just take the category pages down and let everyone just shift through the main archive looking for fics (which is what you should be doing anyway because I haven't read half of them and therefore don't know what they are about and can't place them on any category pages). :P :)

- Well anyways, I went through the #, A, B , C and D pages and doubled checked the urls so that they should now all work. I had started those first pages before Fanfiction.net told everyone that they were changing all the urls so only half of them had been changed during the time I uploaded those pages.

- I got 1000 visitors on the Entrance page sometime early morning Aug 24. Yay me! Thanks everyone for visiting!

Update August 20, 2004
- Seventh chapter of Muggleville is now up! Please read and review. :)
- 2000 hits to the home page sometime yesterday! Yay!
- 900 Visitors to the Entrance page. Woohoo!! Thanks everyone for visiting my site!

Update August 13, 2004
- Each letter has now been given it's own page! Well excpet for XYZ, they have to share. >.<
- The U, V, W and XYZ pages are now finished!
- Unfortunately, the T page hasn't even been started yet. You can browse, but the entries and links are still in the old format. The Second wave of fics that I have been adding in the main archive aren't installed yet on the T page.
- The home page left side navigation bar has updated! New links! (Although some haven't been created yet...)
- There is now a FORM to Submit Stories to me!
- Guest book! I now have a Guest Book! Say hello! :)

Update August 11, 2004
- The QR and S pages are up! :) That's 22 and 64 fics, respectivly.
- I also divided other pages (BC, IJKL) that had more than one letter and had a large number of fics into seperate pages. It should make browsing easier.

Update August 8, 2004
- The sixth chapter of Muggleville is up! Please please please review if you read it. Thank you! :)

Update August 4, 2004
- Yay! The NOP page is up! :)
- Fifth chapter of Muggleville will be posted tomorrow. Please send me reviews and comments. They really make my day. ^_^

Update August 2, 2004
- The IJKLM page was just uploaded. :) That's 84 fics.
- 1500 hits on the home page!
- 700 visitors on the entrance page sometime yesterday! Yay me! :)
- The fourth chapter of Muggleville was uploaded early yesterday morning to Fanfiction.net.
- The Broom closet was cleaned out of the fics I added to the IJKL page.

Update July 27, 2004
- Woohoo! The H page is up! The G's were moved to the end of the F page!
- Some WIP and FIN information for some of the stories is missing on the H page. I decided not to go through and add this information until later. I think that changing all the urls is more important. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.
- Special thanks to starangel who did the G stories and 20 of the H ones. Thanks! :)

Update July 25, 2004
- I'm halfway through the H page.. did you know that there will be 108 fics starting with the letter H when I finish? May no one ever say there is nothing to read... Please review my story to boost my mood. :) Special thanks to starangel and katie for helping me during this long process. :)

Update July 23, 2004
- Third chapter of Muggleville was posted on Fanfiction.net. Fun, fun, cha cha cha!
- I just finished the F page.

Update July 22, 2004
- The work on replacing all the urls is going slowly. I just managed to finish the D page. All letter pages up to E should now have the new url format. I hope that the new urls will work. If any links are broken or wrong please let me know!
- I moved the titles starting with 'F' (there are 44 of them!) to their own page and am still working on them.

Update July 21, 2004
- Second chapter of Muggleville was posted on Fanfiction.net. :) The story is building...

Update July 18, 2004
- Wondering if I can write? ;) I just posted the first chapter of Muggleville on Fanfiction.net.

Update July 13, 2004

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- The B page was just uploaded with the new format.
- 1000 hits on the home page sometime yesterday. Hooray!
- 500 visits sometime today on the entrance page! :)
- Here's a way to join my YahooGroup:

- If any of the links to the fics pull up a page that says: "No available sever to handle this request" just change the url. *Kicks fanfiction.net* It seems that instead of the
the new format is
where the #### is the story id and the last /1/ is where you put the chapter number. Don't forget the last backslash or you'll come up with one of those 'You are not authorized to view this page'.

Update July 10, 2004
- Potions And Snitches YahooGroup was just opened! Hooray for me! Unfortunatly, YahooGroups seem to be down right now. Boohoo. :*( Oh well. Check it out when they are back up!
- The Booth is closed! Thank you for everyone who participated! Choice #6 "I think i like This One" recieved the majority of votes and was just implimented on the A page. Check it out! :) None of the new stories were placed into any categories yet. The MiniPolls on all the pages will be placed back up.
- You'll also notice that I added some more mini pics! General Fic! Featured on the Active Updated Fics Page!
- The Broom Closet was reorganized since all the fics starting with numbers or the letter 'A' were placed on the reformated A page.

Update June 29, 2004
- VOTE! I just put up a page with various fic listing formats. Please look at them and tell me what you think! Thank you! :)

Update June 19, 2004
- Updated the Broom Closet yet again. 36 fics have beed added to the already huge list. Enjoy! ;)
- Look out for the new pics... Severus centered fic Snape and Harry centered fic Not as centered on Snape and Harry, but still there. They are not up yet, but they should be utilized shortly.

Update June 15, 2004
- New Additions to the Broom Closet. Warning: The page is one HUGE list so it will take quite long to load now.

Update June 03, 2004
- The Broom Closet has been updated with more fics from my bookmarks. Whew! That was a big job! :)
- Check out Molly Morrison's new story Stuck on Parseltounge!

Update May 30, 2004
- Well to all you people who have searched through my entire site and read everything, here's a treat for you! The Broom Closet. A page listing all the fics that I have thus gathered and plan to go through and add to my list. This page will probably change without warning. SO you are warned. ;) I basically just went through half of the author profile pages I had bookmarked and scanned what they had listed and copied it. Others are random stories my friends mentioned to me. See! I haven't been doing nothing! hehe.. Enjoy.
- I'd like to be able to find away for my visitors to rank their favourite stories as well. As well as a way for people to submit fic names. Does anyone know something that would work?

Update May 21, 2004
- I finally placed fics on the Father/Son2 page. Sorry it took so long!

Update May 18, 2004
- I added a new url for the Entrance page. I'm hoping that it will perhaps help add it to search engines.
- I have been working through all my bookmarks slowly (I keep getting distracted by unread fics!), and also playing around with a new list table format for the story lists. No decisions yet, I'll put up a poll and show an example later.

Update May 11, 2004
- I added an ACTIVE Story Update List page. :) it's on a trial basis so it's rather sketchy and missing (I'm sure) TONS of stories. Please enjoy.
- Site Update Archive page added, to clear off some of the unnecessary words on this page.
- I'm thinking of making a LiveJournal to list all the new Fics I find, updates to the site, and the latest Updates stories. Hmm.. we'll see! :)

Updates: May 08, 2004
- We got 200 hits! Sometime early this morning the counter on this page moved to 200! YAY! Thankyou everyone! :)
- We are just shy one of 75 visitors on the Entrance page. :) Looks like I'm popular. ;)
- I've been looking for ways to highlight all the Completed fics, in case anyone was looking for them. Might even make a seperate section. Right now the only way I've found is to add a "glow" attribute on a table tag, but it creates its own line. I changed all the stories that are complete on the "A" page if you're curious as to how it looks.
- I've also been browsing Fanfiction.net's fixed up-to-700 -items Search. After fruitless searches, I've discovered that only the keyword "Severitus" comes up with any worthwile fics: 187 matches. I plan to sort through them and other sites as well soon. :)

Update: May 06, 2004
- I've been working through all my bookmarks. Whew! Tough work!
- I updated my collection of Sorting Hat Quizzes
- Learned how to add a popup caption to the Entrance pic. It's alt="Enter the words here!"

Update: May 1, 2004
- I finished reading through all my reviews. :) Updated all ABC and Category pages.

Update: April 30, 2004
- Resonance by GreenGeko added to the Five Chocolate Frogs page.
- Accepted to Yahoo!Group Harry Potter and Severus Snape Gen Fest.

Update: April 28, 2004
- I managed to go through 21/55 pages of my reviews on Fanfiction.net. Only 34 more to go...
- Updated every ABC page, Apprentice and Baby page, Father/Son1 and Five and Four Frogs.

Update: April 25, 2004
- I submitted my website to several search engines using Addme.com. Placed an image link on the Entrance page. Let's see if Google recognizes my site now. :)
- Some Search engines verified.
- Site added to Geocities directory under Fanfiction - Books
- Counter added from Bravenet.com
- Left hand columns updated on Category pages.
- Search page added.
- Polls added. Six in total in a random rotation.

Update: April 24, 2004
- Explanation page created, image bmps moved there.
- Update section created on Home page. (Here!)
- Links section uploaded.
- Baby and Apprentice categories page renamed to Little Ones.
- Four Chocolate Frogs page split off of Five Chocolate Frogs page.
- Yahoo!Group Harry Potter and Severus Snape Gen Fest browsed. Awaiting membership.

Update: April 23, 2004
- Baby and Apprentice categories up, completed with current fics on the list.
- Father/Son category placed with fics A-M, found out I need to create a second page for the rest.
- Links page created.
- More stories added.
- Yahoo and Google search engines searched for mentions of my site.. Why aren't I on them?

Update: April 22, 2004
- T section filled out.
- Entrance graphic created and uploaded.
- jpg image warnings changed to bmps.

Update: April 21, 2004
- UVWXZ section filled out.
- Pages moved out of /Fanfiction folder to main.
- Link to PuppetPotterPals.com added.