Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Taking life in your own hands by Star Polaris (163177) K+ - WIP 3 chapt May05

Author's Summary: What happens when Harry decides to do things his way?
OOC for fluffiness. After defeating Voldemort, Harry is found by Snape, and then both are warned by Minerva about meddling!Dumbledore. They all hide together and make a new family.

Talisman by Your Silencer (193716) T - WIP 6 chapt Mar03

Author's Summary: Harry, stuck in his animagus form, is found by Draco who decides to keep him as his personal pet. Will be Slash, evenutally.

Tangle with Affliction by ckat64 (407261) and chips challenge K+ - WIP 7 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: Harry gets a strange vision and without thinking attempts to save Snape from an untimely death. This leads to him being trapped with Snape for who knows how long.... A terrible accident occurs with shocking consequences. No slash!

Tangled Relations by Resqgal (392866) T - FIN 24 chapt Oct03

Author Summary: Complete Harry discovers that he's not as alone in the world as he thought. Will those involved be able to accept what they discover?
Uncle Sev. unread.

Taniwha by Elsa2 (358037) K+ - FIN 9 chapt Mar03

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net ~ JediButtercup
Author's Summary: *COMPLETE* At the end of his fifth year Harry is sent to stay with Snape. Same old, same old, but with different scenery. Rated PG for some Bad Words
Australia; Grandmother pool.
Sequels: Katabatic, Chrysalis

Teaching Harry by Veserus (360281) K+ - FIN 13 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: [COMPLETE] Harry needs to take Advanced Potions in order to become an Auror. Harry doesnít have the grades, so what does the Headmaster do?
Sequel: The Ancient House of carvin

Teatime With Albus by Dien Alcyone (236220) K - FIN 1 chapt Aug02

Author's Summary: Friday afternoon tea between Severus and Albus. I'm rather proud of this one, please read and review!

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There Is Still A Hope After Hope Is Gone by Pip3 (102447) T - FIN 3 chapt May03

Author's Summary: Harry has a problem and Snape finds out. This story contains self-mutilation.

Things Are Looking Up by emikea (585476) T - FIN 20 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: Yet another Severitus Challenge. I haven't completly figured out where it's going, but it'll get there. Harry has been ditched by the Dursleys. He is now Living at Hogwarts with the hated potions master. Is he that hated? Please Read and Review!

Things Better Left Unsaid by Miss Mooney (585191) K+ - WIP 12 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Severitus Challenge: Harry finds himself as Hazel, Remus makes his return, and Severus is in the middle of a break down! Summary bites, sorry.

Those Words, Alone No More by Mikee (290637) K+ - WIP 21 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: Harry has withdrawn into himself, and immersed himself in his studies. He has witdrawn so far into himself that he is in danger of losing himself. Who will help him? Mention of abuse. Mention of slash, although that is not central to the story

Though This Be Madness by dovielr (88306) M - WIP 7 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: After a sixth year prank, Dumbledore is determined to watch Snape for any ill effects. For all his apparent wisdom, however, not even the headmaster could have foreseen the extent of those effects. Major spoilers for PoA, minor for OotP.

Three Gryffindors and a Baby by Celeste (16179) K+ - WIP 12 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: An accident in Potions (where else?) turns Snape into an infant. Dumbledore in his glorious wisdom (and because it makes a nice plot) leaves him in the care of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Three Men and a Baby by Blacke (45678) K+ - WIP 5 chapt Jul02

Author's Summary: Before Hogwarts, Harry Potter had always led a sheltered life. Not knowing about magic, or even about Voldemort. All he knew about how his parent had died was a green light, and a lie he had been told from a very young age. What if his dad had never died?

Through the Lines by SeilinStar (95937) K+ - WIP 8 chapt Dec03

Author's Summary: Harry Potter AU, His parents are really James Potter and Severus Snape (Lily wil be explained) James and Lily died, Harry got the scar, Harry went to the Durselys'. Severus came and got his son, who's name is now Severiun.

Through the Walls by enahma (336823) T - FIN 20 chapt Dec03

Author's Summary: Snape is Obliviated, Sirius is a Squib, Hermione is grieving, the war turns even crueller and Quietus is struggling to regain his lost happiness - again.
Prequels: Happy Days in Hell, Coming Off The Ropes

Thy Enemy is Thy Father by Coriel (308385) T - WIP 3 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: Harry is 15 and he changes drasicly, almost beyond recodnition. he goes to Hogwarst. (Hint) Severus has a secret. Read& Review please.! Thanks! Bye!

Time for a change by ILoveFlitwick (925985) M - WIP 6 chapt Jan06

Author's Summary: Harry is struggling with Cedric's death and his relative brutal punishments and all he wants is to go to a safe place! Warning! Abuse. Don't like don't read! Review Please Sev. adopts Harry!
Super short chapters. Needs betaing.

To Be A Werewolf by Tia Evans (572092) M - WIP 18 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: Answer to the Werewolf Challenge (see bio for details). After finding out who his real father is, Harry is bitten by Moony and becomes a werewolf. "And here I thought we were going to have a normal year...." Rating has gone up just to be on the safe side

To Cry As A Phoenix by Phoenix Tears Type 6 (190425) T - WIP 9 chapt May03

Author's Summary: After an abusive summer, Harry notices some differences in himself. He cries more, but the tears are pearly. Voldemort knows; could this be bad?

To end it all by PandorasDeath (742369) T - FIN 9 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Surrounded by his godfather's things at Headquarters Harry decides that his cursed existence must end. The task falls to Snape to save the-boy-who-lived from himself. (complete)

To Find the Way Home by sailoranime (69829) K+ - WIP 15 chapt Jun06

Author's Summary: Five year old Harry Potter has been living with his godfather Matt since his parents's death. What happens when an escaped Sirius Black shows up claiming to be his real godfather? Will Harry return the the wizarding world that believes him to be dead?

To Have A Father by Clutchy (586475) T - WIP 9 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: My response to Severitus Challange. Harry found out that Snape's his father after being rescued from the Dursleys.

To Have Silence by Prongs Rini (196282) T - FIN 12 chapt May05

Author's Summary: Rated for Language: The day after Voldemort's downfall, Harry is being forced by several people to talk to them. Mostly that Snape wants to know what had exactly happened in the battle. Chapter one revised

To See A Falling Star by Lady FoxFire (145155) M - WIP 10 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: When Vernon's abuse goes to far, will Harry be able to live with the effects? (Warning graphic descriptions regarding referring to sexual content and violence.)
Blinded Harry Auctioned off

To Walk Through Fire by Brighid (257889) T - WIP 18 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: AU A secret is revealed that could change the lives of Sirius and Harry. Warning some implications of child abuse. No Slash.
Ministy trial. Sirius and Harry Father/Son. Harry and Snape are captured by DeathEaters.

To Wish one Could Forget by Twilight Author 488 (580998) K - FIN 28 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: Harry only wishes he could forget it all. But instead, he is forced to relive the pain again. How will he handle it? Warning: OOTP Spolers. No SLASH or severitus! Please Rr

Touched by Logospilgrim (239482) T - WIP 5 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: Following a Quidditch accident, Lockhart transforms Draco Malfoy into a baby... who is then entrusted to Professor Snape. How will Severus handle his newest responsibility? UPDATE: Severus bickers with Poppy and Minerva. Draco fun in the Gryffindor CR.

Transcendence by Firesword (387241) T - FIN 20 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: It's the summer of '97. Harry is about to spend his holidays with his secret second godfather. But something quite accidental occurred during the Leaving Feast, which shocked the entire school, except for the Headmaster himself.
Harry's second Godfather is Snape

Trapped by Persephone Lupin (489907) M - FIN 15 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: New Chapters! When Snape receives a message disclosing Harry Potterís intention to venture on a late-night stroll through the Forbidden Forest, he jumps at the opportunity to finally get Potter expelled - and runs into a deadly trap. Torture-galore

Tried And Convicted by P.A.R (120620) K - 10 chapt Sep02

Author's Summary: The sequel to 'The Bonds That Tie'.
Sirius, Remus and Harry fic.
Prequel: The Bonds That Tie

True Identities by Gia (67564) T - WIP 9 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: One dinner with his Sirius in the Leaky Cauldron changes Harry's life forever. A man, desperate from the loss of his own son, insists that Harry Potter is his son. What will Harry's friends do to get Harry back? And will Harry be able to handle the truth?

Trust by Gardaal (528074) T - WIP 3 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Trust was supposed to make the Order strong, but the events of OOTP have undermined Harry's trust on everybody else. On the other hand, almost nobody trusts Snape. Can the rift be mended in time? May contain slash. No studentteacher pairings

Trust Changes Nothing by Ms Spider (40259) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Mar03

Author's Summary: Voldemort comes after Harry in the middle of the night. Snape helps Harry escape. More to it but it's a short story and I don't want to give everything away.

Truth Be Told by Witchmaster (268413) K+ - WIP 3 chapt Jan03

Author's Summary:Harry has a living father?!! If that isn't too hard to absorb, what about the fact that it's Snape? May end up as a response to Severitus's Challenge.

Truth or Dare? by besnapped (177030) K - WIP 5 chapt May02

Author's Summary: Yet another response to Severitus' challenge! Hopefully won't be just the usual sort of deja vu. "Whom would you rather have for a father: You-Know-Who, Filch, Snape or Lockhart?" CHAPTER 5: SNAPE TELLS HIS STORY!

Trying Times by Essence of Magic (57407) K+ - WIP 10 chapters Apr03

Author's Summary: Harry's summer isn't going to well, the rest of the year doesn't look too bright either..5th yr fic. R/R

Two Lost People by AJ-Wolf-AJ (476174) T - WIP 4 chapt Nov03

Author's Summary: Heís scared of every living thing because of what his relatives did to him. Can Severus Snape, greatly hated potions master, help him? Rated for child abuse. OH NO Iím reading to much of severitusís stories! JK LOL. HarrySnape Fatherson relations

Two's Company by Beckeh (279258) K+ - WIP 7 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: A Snape adopts Harry fic. After being tormented by the Dursley's and rescued by Remus and Severus, Harry is 'adopted' by Snape, and Snape remembers his own childhood and just how alike they are...(no slash, sorry. ) Please RR!