Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

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L' Estate di Suicidio by Clynn (41862) T - WIP 25 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: *Attempted Suicide* Harry is sinking deeper and deeper into depression. When Dumbledore's kindness can't even reach him, what chance does Snape have? Chapter 25 is finally up!

Learning As We Go by Mystic Dragonsfire (92102) T - WIP 27 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Dumbeldor finds reason to believe that there is something wrong with Harry, the summer after his fifth year.
Students at Snape's (Harry's friends)... even Draco.

Learning to Spell by Nattish (231665) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Jun05

Fanfiction.Net - LJ
Author's Summary: [Complete] Harry is very young and has been sent to live with Snape. He finds it easier to make friends with the forest creatures than the mean old man.

Leniency by Rex Luscus (182421) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Dec05

Author's Summary: Five years after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry visits Snape in Azkaban with an offer of aid. Spoilers for HBP.
4 frogs if continued more than a one-shot.

Lessons For Life by Caitlyn1 (22470) K+ - FIN 22 chapt Sept02

Author's Summary:Eight years after Hogwarts, Harry recieves a letter from Dudley. What does he want? A bit of something for everyone! Now completed! *update* Changes have been made till chapter 21. Enjoy the new scenes!
Harry's 5yr old niece Chloe is rescued from Dudley's. He raises her. Harry/Ginny.

Let History Repeat Itself by Dauphin (42280) T - WIP 26 chapt Oct03

Author's Summary: Abandoned by fearful relatives at an orphanage, Harry Potter grows up abused, belittled and deprived. Will a magical education lead him to take the road of the dark?

Let Me Tell You My Story by Foureyedsnail (520980) K+ - WIP 8 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: Harry wants to make things up to the Potions Master, but Snape asks a high price. What could he possibly want of Harry's? Memories, and all of them. Of course, with Harry's memories, Snape gets way more than he expected. Severus Snape's POV.

Let the Darkness Take You by RadeliaPotter (225909) M - FIN 16 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: **COMPLETE!!!!** Harry goes back for his 6th yr. at Hogwarts to find that darkness is sweeping over them. He soon finds that the only people he can trust is none other than Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. Better summary inside. Eventual slash! H/D

Letters, Truths and Hope by animealam (296181) T - WIP 6 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: AU, Severitus Challenge response - When visions from the past come true, the time for truths has come, as well as the time for hope and life. But will the ones in the middle of this be able to find that hope, and want to live?

Lies by Molly Morrison (43132) T - WIP 12 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: As his sixth year begins, it is Harry's turn to keep secrets and lie to protect them. Severitus, with a twist. OOTP spoilers.
Harry tricked to take a portkey to Grimwald, drugged to stay in bed. Gordon the muggle physch.

Life After Life by Amber-and-Ash (360052) T - FIN 12 chapt Feb06

Author's Summary: Harry is shown a way to defeat Voldemort, but is it worth the price? Snape mentors Harry fic, no HBP.
Vampire fic. 3.5 frogs.

Life Lessons Shaving With Snape by Mikee (290637) K - FIN 1 chapt Sep03

Author's Summary: AU... Completely AU. Albus gets his favorite professor to instruct two of his favorite (Albus' favorite) students, and teach them how to shave. Silly thing that was begging to be written. Please don't flame me. Thank you.
I really liked this one. :)

Light in The Shadows by xxlostdreamerxz (486756) T - WIP 2 chapters Apr04

Author's Summary: Severities Challenge War has torn apart the wizarding world, as well as caused the enslavement of the Light. Upon Harry's death, the boy that had once been denied the right of normal childhood was given a second chance...
Starts with Harry dying, sees his father (Snape's) corpse. Somehow he is sucked into an alternate universe, his 6 yr old counterpart is dead and he enteres the body. Magical signatures- his is a dragon with a green lightening bolt.

Like Father, Like Son by Eleonora1 (419264) T - FIN 28 chapt Jul05

Author's Summary: Harry finds out that James Potter was not his father, but his uncle - and Lily wasn't even related to him. How will he deal with these discoveries and his real father, when Voldemort is on rampage? Implied and not-so-implied SLASH RLJP RLKS SSSB
2.5 frogs. Interesting chain of events intro. Unique Plot. Different- Harry loses everything and starts new. New name Remy. Good read. I had to give it 2 frogs because I lost interest in the new Harry, seemed like a diff character. But I only read up to chap 10, more chapters have been added since then.
Sequel: Apple from the Tree

Like Father, Like Son by Leuca (380599) T - WIP 9 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: Severitus Challenge Response. Harry Potter has always lived his life under a lie. What happens when this life is broken, and there's not reality to face except the truth? Will Severus and his son be saved? What about the Dark Mark?

Lily's Prophecy by ShadowedHand (620370) K+ - WIP 1 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: There was a prophecy that changed the course of Harry's life, beginning with the death of his parents. It haunts him and drives him. What he didn't know, was there was another prophecy and life was about to get even stranger. SEVERITUS
Just started, not much yet.

Little Steps by Heather68 (377134) K+ - FIN 15 chapt Aug06

Author's Summary: A potions accident turns our middle aged potions master into a baby. Now, Harry is expected to look after young Severus until the potion wears off. Chap. 3:Evil Dugeons and a Potions class
Friendly Draco to Harry. Sequel coming?

Losing Your Way by jona (52074) T - FIN 7 chapt Dec01

Author's Summary: Harry finds himself in a situation he never imagined he'd be in... How can Snape help him? And what is Harry trying to hide?... *This fic is finished!* Love, Jona x x x (sequel on the way!)
Sequel: Shaping the Future

Lost by Danae3 (237975) T - FIN 18 chapt Jan04 Extreme.

Author's Summary: Year 5- AU CompleteHarry is missing. Ron and Hermione are dealing. Snape thinks the Dursleys know more than they let on. What happens when Harry is found? WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH
After beaten and almost killed by his uncle, Harry is found. Later in a Muggle Hospital.. amnesia.

Lost by Tiger of the Fire (264521) M - WIP/FIN? 33 chapt Jun05 ?

Author's Summary: Severus lost three things close to him in his life, one left him and the other two were taken away from him without his knowledge. Of course, Harry doesn't really know, yet things get turned upside down when someone appears that he seems to know. Harry?,

Lost, But Not Yet Broken by Sinful Wolf (88350) M - WIP 12 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: What do you do? who do you become? when pain is all you know. Harry must learn how to be human with the help of Severus snape, Draco malfoy, and what! Lucius Malfoy.
Harry around 8yr old.

Lost and Afraid by AngedelaMorte (398167) T - WIP 17 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Tormented Harry rescued from an abusive Dursley household by a mysterious character. My take on a Severitus fic. Read and review! Warning mentions of child abuse.

Lost Perspective 1 by Bellegeste (543226) K - FIN 15 chapt May04

Author's Summary: Severitus fic. Harry receives disturbing news and is determined to take a violent revenge. Complete.
Sequels: Lost Perspective 2: SNAPE'S CONFESSION, Lost Perspective 3 : REPERCUSSIONS, and 4, 5, 6, 7.

Love and Honesty by RavenEcho (522449) T - FIN 26 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: OOTP spoilers...Severus becomes Dudley Dursely's and Harry's tutor for the rest of the summer after the end of fifth year. What secrets are revealed?
OC Jerome. Animagus transformations. A little OOC.

Love Never Dies by Thunderjam (254649) T - WIP 3 chapt Aug03

Author's Summary: Harry is being abused constantly by Vernon,Can harry take much more? What disicion will harry make to save himself? NO SLASH ! Please Read and Review. Rated PG 13

Lullaby of a Dragon by Mysticalsoul (205273) T - WIP 9 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: Something happens in potions, and Harry is turned into a child. Draco has no choice but to take care of him, and everyday Harry gains one year, changing his mind, his outward appearance and his soul. Chap.9 Updated! Harry/Draco SLASH! R/R PLEASE!