Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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I Know I'm Not Sleeping by TiniTinuviel (419630) K+ - WIP 15 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Harry has nightmares about his recent kidnapping and wakes up to face the horrible truth. (Short little fic... may be expanded upon... It's all up to you)

I Saw You by diagonist (471247) K+ - FIN 5 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: Based on Severitus. In Harry Potter's case, the skeletons in the closet can turn out to be sword-wielding undeads. Which was why Snape tried so hard to keep everything as it was. Lupin plays a small but momentous role. And what does the Mirror of Erise ha

I Will Buy You A New Life by Ulalume Lenore Glaspell (284349) M - WIP 2 chapt Aug03

Author's Summary: The summer following his 5th year bring changes and surprises Harry never could have imagined. Might actually follow all the rules of Severitus's Challenge, but I wouldn't know. No slash, but a SS/OC romance.

I'm Not That Naive by Charlie Quill (246895) K+ - FIN 2 chapt Sep03

Author's Summary: Harry contemplates Snape during 7th year potions, sorry excuse for a summery inside. Please read and review. On hold. Chapter two edited.

I'm Sure You'll Contract My Disease by siriusblackatemybaby (477079) M - WIP 12 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: Set in Year 6. Funny how when you find your most hated student on the ground, grinning like a maniac and bleeding all over the place, you suddenly begin to like him. A Snape and Harry bonding fic.
Cutting, both Harry and Sev. Angst.

Identity by Vita Brevis (325092) T - WIP 5 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: Harry discovered some startling truth about his parentage which caused him to redefine himself. Another Snape as Harry's father, but with major twist.

Identity Crisis by derawr (AKA Marller) (142010) T - WIP 3 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Harry's life gets turned upside down again starting with a stupid mistake a few days before his birthday. Severitus Response.
4 frogs after more chapters.

If Everything Goes to Plan by Dobby's Excitability (457437) T - WIP 22 chapt May05

Author's Summary: Harry discovers something odd at Number Seven Privet Drive. For Severus Snape, it's an opportunity of a lifetime.
Other char.

If I Never Know by Aedalena (81345) T - WIP 3 chapt Jul02

Author's Summary: What if the Dursleys just let Harry go to Hogwarts and he never learned of his parents? What if he was sorted into Ravenclaw? What if Voldemort began hatching new plans for Harry? What if Severus Snape had something to say about that?

If Things Had Been Different by TwilightsMuse (593138) K+ - FIN 24 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Sixth Year. Julius DeVere, Snape's hidden son enrolls at Hogwarts. After fifteen years of no contact, what can this stranger of a boy teach his father?

If you go down to the woods today... by ThePet (136277) K+ - FIN 5 chapt Mar02

Author's Summary: Dumbledore finally loses his patience with Snape and McGonagall's constant bickering. So he sends them on a special team-building task...will the pair, with help from Harry and Draco, survive Dumbledore's test? And each other?

Ill Attempts by Tiger of the Fire (264521) T - WIP 29 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Suicide seems to be the only option, when nobody around seems to care what happens. All it takes is one thing to bring someone back from the edge of death.
Snape is really James Potter; Snape is a Vampire SS/JP. Short chapters.

Illusion by to nowhere (170293) T - WIP 9 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: WORK IN PROCESS. Harry and Sirius go to another reality where another Harry and his parents are alive. They got a taste of what their lives could have been through the other Harry's tale. However, life is not as easy as it seems, esp when you are Harry.

Immortal Longings: the quest of Voldemort by JinnyJ (648067) T - WIP 10 chapt Sep04

Author's Summary: Voldemort seeks immortality through a magical amulet associated with vampires. The Order must find it first, a mission entrusted to Snape. Meanwhile Harry uncovers another layer to the prophecy, and is convinced it means there is a traitor.

Impending Doom by JustKidding (390646) M - WIP 8 chapt Jul03

Author's Summary: What is behind the Arch and why does Harry feel the need to go into it?
Polyjuice disguised Petigrew, Snape rescues Harry. Snape's mom Kristina. Reading the Will and saving Sirius in the Arch.

In A Flash by Lyn Piton (665840) K+ - WIP 7 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: In the summer before Harry's sixth year, Snape learns of an unknown connection. What will he say when he realizes Harry knew all along? Mildly AU, Severitus Challenge Response.

In A Heartbeat: Upon the Wings of Eve by Sentimental Star (135937) K - FIN 1 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: AU PoA. One-Shot. After a tense search throughout the castle of Hogwarts for the Potters' betrayer, Potions Master Severus Snape returns to the Great Hall, hoping to find some measure of peace . . .

In Blood Only by E.M. Snape (6542254) M - FIN 45 chapt Aug06

Author's Summary: Snape is Harry's father. No one is happy to hear it. [R due to colorful language, dark themes, and non-graphic violence.]
Check warning images

In destroying him, I've met my fall by Ephirel (368988) T - WIP 7 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: Post-war Hogwarts. Voldemort had been defeated, but at what cost? Why is it that Harry must be the one to defeat him? Who... or What *is* he? Mentions of the four founders, esp. Godric and Salazar in the story. HP/SS... but not necessarily slash.
Harry is really Sandrilene, daughter of Slytherina and Gryffindor. Harry turns into a girl on his 17th birthday. Snape is shadow master and told to look after her.

In Every Darkness by Wolfmoon (221353) T - FIN 91 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Following The Death Harry is feeling angry, helpless, and forgotten as he must spend the summer with the Dursley's once again. But Harry is about to discover that in every darkness shines a light- All he has to do now is find it.
Dreaming of Sirius; Shopping with Tonks. New neighbor Tatsu Kendo teaches him martial arts. Dursleys die. Baby Griffin. Tonks new DADA Teacher. Remus speaks through dream weave to Snape. Marge takes Harry to court. Tatsu is Harry's new guardian. Attacks at Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. Lily is a new female character from Durmstrang, hangs out with Harry. Fudge dies, Dumbledore fakes his death. Blaise is a Girl, member of DADA. Quidditch. Draco switching sides? Harry meets other modifiers.

In Fire Lies Redemption by Marz1 (389478) T - WIP 19 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Muggle London is plauged with magical murders and dementors, and the Ministry is attempting to cut its losses. Mean while Harry's been shot, possesed, drowned, and potions homework is still due. 6th years isn't going to be a picnic.

In Memory I by Becka (26704) M - WIP 8 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: [slash] What if someone followed Hagrid the night he delivered Harry to the Dursleys? How would Harry's life have been different? AU that follows Harry as he grows up with the abusive Dursleys, and continues to his time at Hogwarts.
Child-prophet Potter, dual sorting. His own mark, a lightening bolt on his 'shadows'

In Need of Sirius Help by SP-in-Sirius-Denial (251081) K+ - FIN 33 chapt May03

Author's Summary: Harry is having the worst summer imaginable with the Dursleys, Sirius and Remus save the day. Harry and the others have to come over many challenges, and face many, many hardships. Will Harry survive the Journey? *COMPLETE*

In the Crosshairs by Dragon Voldemort (376790) M - WIP 104 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: [WIP] HRHr are in the sixth&seventh years at Hogwarts; they are main targets of sinister designs, rogue doubles frame them at every step. Can they even cope? Will Hogwarts survive? HP&OC, RW&HG, pre-OotP Rated R for L,S,N,V,D.

In the Darkness by RoyalNavigator (713818) T - WIP 5 chapt Jun06

Author's Summary: AU. Severitus: The Dark Lord has found a way around the barriers around Privet Drive. Severus Snape has found a forgotten secret, and Harry Potter has found himself in the middle of the growing battle between Light and Dark. Starts in the summer before Fi
Harry kidnapped. Nothing yet.

In The Face of Truth by Kenaz Astaroth (239237) K - WIP 8 chapt Apr03

Author's Summary: Severitus' Challenge. Harry is Severus' son. How does he, and the rest of the wizarding world, react? Add in werewolves and an odd Tom Riddle theory, and well... it'll be interesting.

In the Midst of the Night by Sea Chelle (96068) T - WIP 19 chapt Sept04

Author's Summary: AU: After living in an orphanage for seven yrs, Harry finally is rescued by a man w/ billowing black robes. He is introduced to magic and goes to live with Severus, uknowingly exposing himself to Necromancers, Death Eaters, and a corrupted Ministry...
"My name is Professor Severus Snape, Potter, and I was sent by the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to come here and collect you," said the man in disdain." "Evidently not, headmaster. As you can see, there is a child attached to my leg," said Severus frostily." Later Derrik Bane, the Necromancer and Harry's orphange friend Aden Nott appear.

In the Quiet Seclusion by Charlie Quill (246895) T - WIP 4 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: Sev and Harry get to know each other after the expected destruction of Voldie. Dark. Harry is a professor! RR

In The Way by Molly Morrison (43132) T - WIP 2 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: Snape is acting strangely toward Harry after he retrieves him from Privet Drive. Why is he suddenly visiting Harry in the hospital wing constantly? NO SLASH

In Trust I Found Treason by Elysia1 (314114) K - WIP 17 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: Beta suggested a name change! 'Harry Potter and the first sixth year fic' becomes 'In trust I found treason', it's still your favourite story so check it out. Harry's Sixth year is full of surprises!
Garuda the Snake.

Incy Wincy Spider by lethe medusa (165136) K - FIN 1 chapter Mar03

Author's Summary:
Ron and Spider. Humor.

Innocence and Experience by Athena Keating-Thomas (291166) T - WIP 55 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Not OOTP- Definite AU now. A fateful encounter between a hopeless Harry and a hurtamnesiac Snape results in the revelation of their futures and pasts.
As prophesized, Snape and Harry are linked. A Power and a Key.

Innocence Lost and Found by Iniga (49515) T - FIN 16 chapt Jun01

Author's Summary: The Dursleys are abusive, but rescuing Harry may mean that Sirius forfeits the chance to prove his innocence and put the war effort in jeopardy. Remus and Sirius help Harry through this rise of darkness as they come to terms with the last one. (Done.)

Intersections In Real Time by Ariana Deralte (55419) K+ - WIP 11 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: Just before Harry's eleventh birthday Severus Snape shows up on the Dursley's doorstep and changes Harry's life forever.
A ghost boy in Harry's watch.

Intoxication by Serenity Cosmos Riddle (417360) T - WIP 13 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Severitus Challenge Story. Harry runs away from the Dursleys, and who should spoil his chance at freedom? None other then Severus Snape. Harry is then made to pose as the potions masters son but what will he do when he finds out that it isn't just an act?

Invenio Veritas by penpunk (306312) T - 29 FIN chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: AU. It's Harry's fifth year and there are many happenings at Hogwarts. Things are surfacing that were never meant to be discovered. Harry's confused. Snape is confused. The only person who can answer their questions has been dead for 14 years.
Renamed Alexander. Sirius disguised as Harry Potter.

Inverted Enemy by Gusha (340913) T - WIP 38 chapt May04

Author's Summary: Harry's fifth year. Sev is not a spy. A Severitus fic, sigh. Baby Python, Tea Leaves, Non-Quiddich flying, Abstract Wizard Paintings.
Della Maddis is Harry's mother; he was adopted.

Is It Worth It? by Kamorie (472959) T - FIN 21 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: Chapter 12 up! After fifth year Harry's life begins to change when he finally realizes that people only wanted him as a tool to defeat the DL. Harry decides enough was enough. Features slightly Dark Harry. RR plz

It All Started With A Dream by Jasmine-Softly-Spoken (185595) T - WIP 21 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: My answer to Severitus' Severus Snape as Harry's father Challenge. Please R/R Chapter 19 UP! 25/06/03 (the chapter IS there but you may have to refresh the page)

It Was His Mother by Stomp-me (389833) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: They all thought it was his father.