Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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Getting A Second Chance by Artimis Potter (382968) T - WIP 4 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: After a potions incident Snape is left to take care of a two year old. But itís not just any two year old, itís Harry Potter! Can Snape look past the hate for James to give Harry a second chance at a childhood? NO SLASH!

Give Me Wings by Xavien (15639) T - WIP 1 chapt Aug02

Author's Summary: Harry already knows his mother's family falls short of desirable, but his father's is still a mystery. However, when a strange illness leads to a crash course in his abnormal paternal heritage, Harry thinks he might've been better off in the dark.
4 frogs if the author updates!

Giving Notice by Quoth the Raven (70579) T - 13 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: A look at the actions of a main character from the point of view of other characters. When death rocks Hogwarts, you'd be surprised who's affected. Chapter Twelve: Rosemary Sprout tends to her garden, the students - and the other professors

Giving Solace by Wildebeast (497761) T - FIN 3 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Shortly after Harry defeats Voldemort, there is one last thing he feels he needs to do. Something to heal a broken family. Complete -Only 3 chaps.
Made me smile. :) Snape part is in chapter 3.

Go With the Tide by Tantz (283739) PG13 - FIN 22 chapt Apr03

Author's Summary: HPFA Winner of Best JKR Character portrayal, for Severus Snape! Snape retrieves an injured Harry from the Dursleys-- only this time, the damage is more permanent, and Snape is not prepared to be cuddly. Complete!
Harry is blinded. Summer after GoF.
Sequel: Go With the Tide II: Seeing is Believing

Go With the Tide II: Seeing Is Believing by Tantz (283739) K+ - FIN 34 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: After the events until Christmas, Voldemort has to surpass his own self to regain his status and destroy the Order of the Phoenix... Complete! With Epilogue!
Prequel: Go With the Tide

Godfather by queen-severus (455577) M - WIP 9 chapters Dec03

Author's Summary: AU: severus' only way back to lily is through harry. but how to achieve this when sirius lay hold to harry through being his godfather? Set sometime around harry's 5th or sixth year
Snape is Harry's Godfather. He brings Lilly back to life.

Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice by Ankha (169525) T - WIP 37 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Harry's in trouble and who comes to save him, Snape! Yes the dear old Potions Master. But soon they're both embroiled in a sea of uncertainty. What is the Star of Hope and how can it defeat Voldemort? Can the new family survive?
reread. Summer with Dursleys. Snape rescues him.. on their way out Vernon shoots Snape but Harry jumps in the way.
Side Stories: By Rosaleen A Little Potion, The Effects of a Spell, Harry's Nightmare

Golden Opportunities by Messrmarauder017 (546291) K+ - WIP 25 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: The war is over. The light won. Albus now calls an 18 year old Harry Potter into his office with an offer.

Golden Tears by SillyGillie (347399) T - WIP chap 20 Sep04

Author's Summary: Harry Potterís 6th year full of drama, mysteries, angst, and romance. Harry promises never to forget the people heís lost, the year goes on and more people are dying each day. Harry is trying to master his Occulmency along with NEWT classes, and the threa

Green for Mourning by Bil (54589) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Jun06

Author's Summary: AU ending for PS. Character Death. What if Dumbledore hadnít been the first teacher to realise something was wrong? SS, HP. Oneshot.

Grim Dawn by Robin4 (22909) T - WIP chap 10 Dec03

Author's Summary: Prior to Harryís third year, he leaves the Dursleys, desperate to escape. But before the Knight Bus can stumble upon him, he encounters someone far different, and his world begins to change. Complete!