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WAVE EIGHT moved up Oct 27: (12 fics + 5 ratings)

43 Months by Lanta (546397) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Mar06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Due to a potions accident, Severus Snape was accidentally transformed into a three year old. After over three and a half years of being looked after by Harry Potter, an antidote has finally been found.
4.5 frogs

A Journey to the Past by Firestar038 (487267) K - WIP 31 chapt Nov04

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.net
Author's Summary: Harry must go to the past in order to save his parents and his own lives... But what will happen? Will he get out of this mess alive?

Antiquity's Corollary by GonnaBeFamous (622500) T - WIP 37 chapt Sep06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Lily begged me never to tell you what happened, Dumbledore continued, and I didn't want to cause you more pain.... SEVERITUS CHALLENGE... The Past is meant to be left behind... Unless it affects the future.

Catastrophic by Bil (54589) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Mar05

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: During OotP, Harry comes across an injured kitten. Its owner isnít too happy about this.

Drifting by relative1983 (506586) T - WIP 19 chapt Nov05

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Remus and Severus are being sent out to find Harry, after Hedwig shows up bloodied and nervous. When they find Harry they are in for a surprise. Will Harry ever recover?
Harry is in a car accident with his family. He looses his memory and can't move. Hedwig finds him in the hospital, then Remus and Snape. Later Harry finds a cure for werewolves.

Read Family Affair.

Family Night by Celebony (406888) T - FIN 5 chapt Jan06

Author's Summary: As Hogwarts starts a quarterly Family Night, Harry is determined take part. Facing the heartache of looking in all the wrong places, he'll have to discover the true meaning of family, and that sometimes it comes from where you least expect it. COMPLETE

read "Finding Yourself" and rate
Finding Yourself by slytherinsela severitus challenge As new and sudden information comes to light, the life of Harry Potter is changing- Snape is his father, Voldemort is on the move, and Fudge is a complete moron.

For Duty and Honor by BrightFeather (345236) T - WIP 13 chapt Sep06

Author's Summary: During Occulmency lessons in OOtP, Snape notices something... off in Harry's memories. Eventual SnapeadoptsHarry story. Nonslash, AU. Does not take into account HBP.
4 frogs?

Harry Potter and the Enemy Within by Theowyn (1023) ? - FIN 19 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: As Harry enters his sixth year at Hogwarts, Voldemort's lengthening shadow stretches across the wizarding world and Harry is tormented by the knowledge that he alone can end this reign of terror. Worse, his mysterious mental link to Voldemort is stronger than ever and threatens to overwhelm him. Only Snape can teach him to control the nightmarish visions, but can Harry and Snape learn to trust one another, or will an old grudge that refuses to die destroy the wizarding world's sole hope of defeating the Dark Lord?"

Harry Potter and the Total Betrayal by Mione5
Severitus Challange with a major twist. In Azkaban for something he didn't do Harry bides his time. He knows they will come for him. Will he help them when they ask for it? Just what did Albus Dumbledore really do?

read and rate "If Things Had Been Different" by TwilightsMuse
Complete! Sixth Year. Julius DeVere, hidden son of Severus Snape enrolls at Hogwarts. After fifteen years of no contact, what can this stranger of a boy teach his father?

***Prayer for a Prelude by Annikaya () K+ - FIN 1 chapt 0

Author's Summary: Severus Snape discovers a little bit about what it is to be Harry Potter as the final battle draws nearer.

Scar Mates by RaeWhit (FA) T - FIN 28 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts for his first year, having received his letter of invitation due to to the timely detective work of Potions Master Severus Snape. Now with Harry at Hogwart's, Professor Snape struggles to deal with the disturbing connection between himself and the boy. They both bear a scar given to them by the Dark Lord. but it appears that this obvious connection is not the heart of the matter. A tale of the first year through the eyes of the Potions Master. Multiple-chapter sequel to "The Postal Mission"
Prequel: The Postal Mission

Six years to life by Laume (871958) K+ - FIN 21 chapt Fev06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Another kidfic! Snape is revealed as a spy and Voldemort tries to make him see the error of his ways by turning him into a six year old and sending him back to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Harry escapes the Dursleys...
Sequels: Six Years to life: Son of Hogwarts - Six Years to Life: There and Back Again

read and rate "Still Alive! ? !" by wwwendy
COMPLETE Summer after OotP. Harry wants something, anything to take his mind off of Sirius & the prophesy. He gets something he didn't expect. Harry's journey as he tries to find his family. Severitus Challenge

Unwell by Phantomsgirl04 (920768) K - FIN 1 chapt Jan06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Young Harry Potter isn't feeling well at Number Four, Privet Drive...who will help him get better?
Challenge piece.

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