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Little Pics and Warnings Explanation Page!

On this site is a list of stories with Severus Snape and Harry Potter in a Gen relationships but other types are present. I've found most of the stories listed here from hours of looking through Favorites lists on Fanfiction.net. In the future I hope to have all categories and warnings up but for now the site is Under Construction. All comments/chocolate frogs are my own and are only opinions to help me remember what the fic is about. Enjoy!

The titles are listed alphabetically, including 'A's and 'The's as starting the titles. It's just easier that way. If you can't find a specific fic it may be because it startes with an 'A' or 'The' or perhaps even a "Harry Potter and the". ;) If there are fics with the same title, then they are further alphabetized by the author's penname.

The format that stories are listed in:

Title of story by author (Profile url on fanfiction.net) LJ profile [other] Rating - WIP/FIN (#ofchapters) last updated Number of frogs! image warnings

location of story [url(s)]
Author's Summary (Verbatium)
Notes, Tidbits & Spoilers
Prequels Sequels?

An explanation of the image codes used in the lists: Don't like it? Don't read it.

5 chocolate frogs! Awesome, this story is one of my favourites. Highly enjoyed.
4 chocolate frogs! Another highly enjoyed fic. Not to be missed!
3 chocolate frogs! A good read! I like this one.
2 chocolate frogs! Ribbit!
1 chocolate frog! Hmmm..
------ No chocolate frogs! Ops! Either I didn't read the fic yet, couldn't decide how many frogs to place or I just plain forgot! Don't worry, the frogs aren't a rating fic. They are just an excuse to place silly frogs all over the place, and a way to remind myself which fics I really really liked. A story where Snape rescues Harry and takes care of him in the dungeons is more likely to get more frogs than say, a wonderfully written, fantasticly spellbinding, astounding Hermione/Harry romance fic or any other Drama or General adventure without Harry and Snape as the main characters. Stories that only contain 1 chapter are also more likely to get fewer frogs.
A fic centered on Severus Snape.
A fic centered on Severus Snape and Harry Potter.
Not as centered on Snape and Harry, but it's still there.
General fic.
A Severitus challenge fic. What a popular idea! Some of the guidelines are that Snape is Harry's dad, Harry goes through physical changes during his 15th birthday, making him undoubtedly a Snape. Must include Remus at some point. More information here.
Not a Severitus challenge fic but still features Snape as Harry's Dad, usually biologically.
Snape becomes Harry's Guardian, either in name or just by being the only adult around to take care of him.
Snape is active in the capacity of teaching Harry in some way, shape or form that goes beyond the usual potions class.
Harry Potter becomes an Apprentice of either Snape or Hogwarts.
Role reversal: Harry Potter takes care of Snape.
Superpower!Harry. Usually means that Harry posses, or does develop powers or skills that are way beyond the norm. This is usually above the canon abilities of Harry, for example: being an elemental mage, having several magical animagus forms, basically being able to pummel anyone by just lifting a finger, ect...
Snape takes care of a Baby Harry sometime during the story! Kawaii* but usually involves some form of Angst! This may also mean that the story is about a Baby!Snape or Baby!Draco. The "Little Ones" category refers to a main character under 6 years of age. :) *kawaii means cute in Japanese.
Slytherin Harry! Harry is either sorted into Slytherin as a first year, or is resorted later. Some authors use "Slytherin!Harry" to describe Harry acting more in tune with his Slytherin side, not a resorting.
Suicidal themes and Self harm. Usually involves cutting and depressive thoughts. Please stay away if you know this may affect you.
The Dursley's are much more abusive than the books show. Usually physically, mentally and/or neglect through starvation. Can be either during Summer or of years past. May be mild or extremely violent. Not for the timid.
Rape Warning. A very abundant theme. Of the fics that I have encountered that dealt with this issue, 100% was a male raped by another male.
Fic contains elements of torture. May be graphic.
Deals with relationships of a homosexual nature. Either actively incorporates it or the author hints that it may occur in future, unwritten chapters. Don't like it? Don't read it.
Harry/Draco Fic that either actively or hints that Harry and Draco are in a romantic relationship.. or maybe just a fling. 'Ice grey eyes' abound.
Severus/Harry slash. Fic that depicts Severus and Harry in a romantic relationsip. These stories will no longer be listed on this site.