Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Vaccinations by lesyeuxverts (1025565) T - FIN 1 chapt Sep06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Potions and Snitches Fic Fest Challenge 12: 6th year: A time for NEWT preparations, friends, romance, life altering decisions... and reinoculations. Guess who is helping out in the infirmary when Harry comes in to get his?
Sequel: Immunity (FFN)

Venomous by Phinea Rogue (288914) T - FIN 10 chapt May04

Author's Summary: Dumbledore wants Snape to continue teaching Harry Occlumency. But Severus has other problems than giving lesson to 'that Potter brat'. Features Snape's father. Completed.

Venomous II by Phinea Rogue (288914) T - WIP 22 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: A sequel to Venomous... Voldemort knows that Snape has betrayed him, but what are his plans with Severus?

Veritas Intempestivus by sarit halivana (462660) M - WIP 36 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: This is a Severitus Challenge fic. A scheming headmaster has his favorite Potions Master tutoring said professor's least favored student the summer after Harry's fifth year. When Severus notices Harry's appearance gradually changing, he must look to his
Baby Serpede a present from Hagrid, jumped into Harry's potions cauldron. Harry drinks a deceit potion, thinks of a funny thankyou letter to Ron. (Chap10?) Haha! :)

Videtur by Julie the Tall Terror (29830) T - WIP 4 chapt Sep05

Author's Summary: Being captured by Death Eaters is bad enough, but now Harry's memory has gone on holiday. Lucky for him, Voldemort seems inclined to keep him alive for now. Mentor Snape. Post HBP summer with an AU twist.
3.5, just started.

Vocare Prabia by Amber Evans Potter (275068) T - WIP 31 chapt May05

Author's Summary: AU. Harry is transported into another universe where his parents and Sirius are alive and in Azkaban. Neville is the Boy Who Lived and Harry was raised by Wormtail's mother.