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Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Raised By The Enemy by ninariddletales (608546) K+ - WIP 5 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Severus Snape has a son! When the Dursely's are killed before James and Lily Dumbledore wants Harry to be raised at Hogwarts, not knowing who he is. When he offers Snape a job there's one condition. UPDATED! CHAPTER FIVE!
Slight OOC

Realistically Speaking, yes by Iimpu (192705) T - WIP 5 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: Repost of my story, but a repost with edits to make it flow more and to have a little bit more plot. Severitus, of course, Dursley abuse, and, just to be safe, there might be slash and mpreg. My mind just works that way.
Snape rescues Harry from the Dursley's, takes him to his home.
I gave the original version 4 frogs, possibly hindered by its weak ending, but that one was taken down and an edited wip version has been put up. I still have to read this new version, so I'll leave the old rating up until I do.

Realizations by BloodRedEnd (418689) M - WIP 23 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: Things only get worse for Harry as summer begins. Chained and beaten, he is saved by an unlikely person, and finds out something that could change his life forever.

Realizations by Wishweaver (352362) K+ - WIP 31 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: (AU as of 6/21/03) Harry returns to Privet Drive after 4th year and finds it...empty??! What do you do when you can't go to your friends for help?
Dursley's have left for Australia. Harry hides at the Leaky Cauldron as 'Sparky' and does odd jobs. Befriends an American family and babysits. TheOrder and his friends have NO IDEA where he is, are quite upset with him and are trying to track him down.

Reconstruction by ScarletCarly (342050) T - WIP 14 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: Severitus Challenge. This is AU now that Order of the Phoenix has been published. It begins in the middle of Harry's Fifth Year and is a Severitus challenge. Harry struggles with his losses and isolates himself from everyone around him.

Recnac Transfaerso by Celebony (406888) T - FIN 39 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Harry gets cancer in result from saving a Muggle's life, but will this become just the thing to save the Wizarding world? (Warning: Child abuse) RH but not central No OotP spoilers! Quidditch, a ball, dueling, Snape and other fun stuff! {Complete}

Redemption by krtshadow (271132) K+ - FIN 32 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: COMPLETE! Harry Potter has spent six years in Azkaban. Now, Dumbledore, Black and Lupin are here to retrieve him, now certain of his innocence. Will they be too late to save Harry's sanity? And if so, what does this mean for the world? AU after year 4.

Reestablishing Trust by animalcrazy10102 (174475) K+ - WIP 12 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: Following the events of his fourth year, Harry began to change, and five years later, Voldemort's heir dies, but who is the stranger found in Azkaban shortly after? And what really happened five years before?
Harry in Azkaban fic

Reflections by Solo Shodan (146592) K+ - FIN 18 chapt Jul03

Author's Summary: Starts the Christmas Eve after Harry's 7th year. Snape reflects on his past and a task assigned to him by Lily Potter. COMPLETE! THANKS TO ALL!

Reliving Childhood by Tempted Mischief (159645) K - FIN 21 chapt May03

When You Wish Upon A Star
Author's Summary: Children, something most people will have one day. How will an assignment where both Slytherins and Gryffindors alike are turned into children effect Hogwarts?

Release by Snow Raine (538163) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: [One-Shot] Takes place right after Sirius' death. Can Severus make Harry feel better? No slash.

Remembrance and Renewal by Avatar Arkmage and Nigel T (465162) LJ T - WIP 6/70 chapt Oct05

Author's Summary: After having his Pensieve violated by Harry Potter, Severus Snape wants nothing to do with the arrogant youth. Can he ignore his own son though, especially when he won't leave him be? Post Book 5. No-Slash or pairings, just friendships. Severitus Fic
New Summary (reposted)When the negligence of the Dursleys nearly leads to Harry's death, his disembodied form wanders, and learns truths about Severus Snape, his true biological father. Can they unite against a common foe, or do their wounds run too deep? No pairings. Revised.
Harry drowns; Snape's Past, Snape's Mom; Draco in Hospital; Cho's dragon Gramp; Rastus the House Elf
Side Story: Project Eve
Rated R version: Resurgence of Remembrance

Resolutions by prlrocks (281538) T - WIP 11 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: A mysterious event and visions of a past that can never be, change Harry and Snape’s life forever as they learn the truth that had been hidden from all. Severitus challenge; Snape & Lily

Resonance by GreenGeko (562135) T - FIN 79 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Snape adopts Harry in this story that stretches from the end of year six until Harry starts his Auror apprenticeship.
Harry abducted to the forest, Dumbledore and Snape find him with 2 dead DE; Harry AKs Voldemort, adopted by Snape and visits Snape's parents. Greer the new potions Mistress.
Sequel: Revolution

Return by hawaii5063 (361627) K+ - FIN 15 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: Severus Snape is returned to early childhood in order to save his life. But sometimes what looks simple and straight forward is not what it seems. Nothing in Snape's life is ever easy, is it?

Return to Childhood by Misha (46031) T - WIP 4 chapt Jul05

Author's Summary: Harry, Hermione and Draco are reverted back to childhood after a Potions accident and the consequences are far reaching...
Another deaged Harry fic- this one also with circumstances overly flourished aka unbelievable.
Cute. 2.5 frogs just for interaction, maybe 3 if continued.

Revealing by Mrs Moony (388452) T - WIP 7 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: AU: In a universe where Harry Potter never returned to his rightful place in the Wizarding World, and Voldemort is alive again, it is up to five people to find the Boy-Who-Lived. If they don't succeed, all hope of winning the war may be lost...

Revealations by Padf00t (358069) K - WIP 5 chapt May03

Author's Summary: The Dursleys get a divorce...Snape saves Harry after his uncle beating him to pulp...Snape's attitude towards Harry softens but he still needs to keep up appearances...(Death Eater remember?)God, I suck at summaries....

Revelations and Recovery by BlueGryphon (480188) K - WIP 14 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: Harry is surprised when Snape pulls him out of his miserable habitation at the Dursleys during the summer before sixth year, and disgusted when he finds out they'll be stuck together all summer. Also features Mark Evans. NOT SLASH OR SEVERITUS! Harry a
Harry being tutored, teaching Mark Evans Quidditch.

Rising from the Ashes by Crab Apple Fairy (320859) T - WIP 15 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: In the summer after his fourth year, Harry is captured by Voldemort. What will Fawkes the phoenix have to do to save his life? What will his friends think of him when they find out? rr!(UPDATED FOR REAL.)

Rules of the Game by margotllama (986308) T - WIP 29 chapt Oct06

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: AU. Harry, on the night the first letter came, was dumped by the Dursley's in London. Now, three months later, he is found and expected to lead a normal life at Hogwarts. But, where Harry Potter is concerned, can anything be normal? Mild abuse, neglect.