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-Links dealing with Harry and Snape-

YahooGroup SSHP Gen Fest
Yahoo Group PotionsAndSnitches
Live Journal Community PotionsSnitches

-C2 Groups: A Fanfiction.net Utility-

Potions and Snitches Official
Potions and Snitches2: New Stories and Unknown Authors
Completed Severitus, Mentors, Adoptions, Apprentices, Frienships
HP Babies
The Many Uses of a Potions Master
Snape? Yummy!
HP Babies

-Links to other fanfiction domains with Harry Potter fanfiction aka 'Places to find stories'-

Skyhawke dot com
SugarQuill.com (canon only)
Hogwarts' Tales
On-line Wizarding Library
Time Turner.net: a MWPP Fanfiction Archive
Snitch Fiction
Relectum Infinitas (no slash)
Kiln Fiction
Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives

Chamber of Secrets - Flourish and Blotts fanfic forum
Lethemedusa's reading list
YahooGroup Best_Fanfiction


Floo Me, Baby! A Harry Potter Link Archive

"The Enigma of Hogwarts" webring

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-Research and Resources!-

Harry Potter Lexicon
Quick Quotes "If Jo Rowling said it and a reporter heard it, we've got it right here at Q2."
Mugglenet.com (News, Information, Resources and More!)
The Leaky Cauldron (News)
Arabella Figg's Hogwarts Express
Harry Potter - The Ultimate Guide
Harry Potter Facts
Harry Potter Spells (from Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives)
Willow's Harry Potter Character Guides
What's In a Name? - The Guide to Harry Potter Etymology
Veritaserum: Harry Potter Baby Name Meanings
European Last Name Meanings

Complete Severus Snape Quotes
from Book 1 "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
from Book 2 "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"
from Book 3 "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
from Book 3 "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
from Book 3 "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

British Resources
The Unofficial Offical Dictionary of UKUS Terms
The American·British/British·American Dictionary for English Speaking People
Guide to Britian for the Confused
The Origins and Common Usage of British Swear-words
Britian for Americans (parts of it are jokes)
Traditional English Food - English Cuisine

Latin Dictionaries
University of Notre Dame
Online English to Latin to English Dictionary

Writing Resources
Perfect Imagination - The Harry Potter Fanfiction Beta Reader Directory

Mary Sue Help
Too Good to be True: 150 Years of Mary Sue
Mary Sue, and How to Avoid Her
Mary Sue litmus tests, Original or Harry Potter edition


Official Warner Bros Harry Potter Site
Sorting Hat Quizes
Why Snape?
Harry Potter Fan Fonts!
Dr Grusha Septimus' Dungeon - Hogwarts School
The Harry Potter Plot Bunny Yahoo Group

Puppet Potter Pals

Idea by Emmy; Flash by her brother Neil Cicierega.

Potter Puppet Pals Homepage
Potter Puppet Pals Live Journal ~potterpals

Puppet Ron... jamming to Outlandish - Aisha. Just a snippet.

Snape sings about Potions
Likwi's Lycos site