Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations
Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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Katabatic by Elsa2 (358037) T - FIN 25 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Voldemort's dead and life is great. Isn't it? Harry's not so sure. There's always a new problem but the trouble is that sometimes figuring out what the right thing to do about it can be tricky... Sequel to Taniwha and Chrysalid.
Prequels: Taniwha, Chrysalid

Knock by Miss Laine (571623) K+ - WIP 6 chapt Oct06

Author's Summary: Everyone knows, the man says, but Snape certainly didn't. Sometimes you learn things from the most interesting sources.

Knowledge is Its Own Reward by rabbit and -v-Jinx-v (167315) K - FIN 1 chapt June02

Author's Summary: Have you ever had a theory...?
Poor Snape. His theory about Neville was correct and Snape paid the price.. turned into purple dust. Ouch.