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Jan's List of Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Neglected by MissPanther (366890) T - WIP 6 chapt Apr04

Author's Summary: Voldemort was after harry since he was 2. But harry has a brother, kevin, who is thought to be the one. Sirius neglects harry and takes more care of kevin. very angsty. no slash oh and there is a little dursley angst too.

Never 'told' the truth by GoddessMoonLady (196352) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: DEATH fic. Harry's dying. Snapes there to here his last words. Very sweet. A litle sad. Spellchecked, Re-edited!

Never Alone, Never Again by Bored Beyond Belief (206866) T - FIN 42 chapt Dec03

Author's Summary: Harry's holiday reaches it's lowest point. Will Harry finally be able to have the kind of love everyone else seems to take for granted?
Summer at the Wealey's with Sirius, Remus and Snape. Visits by Dumbledore. Fudge with Percy question a sick Harry, who's sent to Azkaban.

Never had a Chance by FireStar038 (487267) K - FIN 1 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: The story of Harry's death after the battle with Voldemort and the Dark Lord is defeated. Tragical but sweet. SeverusFather HarrySon fic.

Never Too Late by Rosaleen (460762) K - WIP 24 chapt Jan06

Author's Summary: The Hogwarts Headmaster enlists a little help to give Severus and Harry something they've missed. A baby Severus and Harry fic.
Summertime. Fatherly Dumbledore reverts Snape and Harry into toddlers. Minerva and Remus help.

New Beginning by Darkwriter7 (496335) M - WIP 27 chapt Dec03

Author's Summary: SSHG WIKTT & Severitus challenges combined. When Hermione comes back to Hogwarts she isn't alone, and the child she brings with her causes Severus to do somethings he never would have found himself doing before. Chapter 23 Revised

New Leader by ptyx (LJ) K+ - FIN 1 chapt

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Author's Summary: Harry is the new commander of the Order of the Phoenix.
4.5 frogs,

New Resolutions by AuroraAbbie Snape (505150) K+ - FIN 25 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: What if someone finally discovers the truth of the Dursleys? Or even the Malfoys? Harry finds a father, an unlikely girlfriend, and a new bestfriend all while trying to deal with the past and what the furture will bring. Not centered completely on Harry.

New Revolutions by AuroraAbbie Snape (505150) T - FIN 25 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: What if someone finally discovers the truth of the Dursleys? Or even the Malfoys? Harry finds a father, an unlikely girlfriend, and a new bestfriend all while trying to deal with the past and what the furture will bring. Not centered completely on Harry.
Original character Leah
Sequels: New Resolutions II, New Resolutions III

New Rule by Toria (345682) K+ - WIP 21 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Voldemort's back, but not as bad? Harry also discovers he has a family and well, Voldemort doesn't have a grudge?
OOCness. Twins with Draco... LilyPotter/SS

NewAge, NewTricks, NewLives by Katzy (426831) K+ - WIP 19 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: Severitus Challenge Severus Snape rescues a 4 year old Harry Potter from his abusive relatives and finds out Harry is his son. How will Harry turn out if he lived with his Snape and Lily and has Remus and Sirius as uncles since age 4? R&R plz! No Flames

Next by snarkyroxy (385703) K - WIP 1 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: A short take on Snape’s thoughts after that Pensieve incident in OoTP
3.5 frogs. One-shot.

Nightlight by Runespoor (196626) M - FIN 6 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: Harry's thoughts at Hogwarts one night he doesn't manage to sleep, pondering about why everybody behaves oddly around him.

NO! Not another Snape is a daddy story! by Silent Coyote (266724) T - FIN 16 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: IT IS NOT A HARRY/SNAPE FATHER STORY! It's alot better than that.~ Please read and review! I LOVE REVIEWS! YOU WILL LOVE MY STORY!

No Higher Praise by Triskelion (116746) T - WIP 16 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: James Potter comes back to life; dark secrets are revealed; angst for everybody; heavy doses of Voldemort, Snape, Black, Lupin, Malfoys, Weasleys, Pettigrew, and Fudge. Harry Potter’s fifth year – now blatantly, defiantly AU. No OoTP spoilers.
Voldemort cursed James that night in Godric's Hollow.. brought back to life. Voldemorts spies through him.

No More Mentors by Thirteen Ravens (448909) K - FIN 1 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: Voldemort fell ten years ago. But someone else fell just before. Someone that Harry thought he'd never be able to think about without hatred, let alone pay respects at his grave. (One shot cookie, Severus Snape Harry angst )
One shot, soliloquy. Super short. 3 frogs.

No Way Out by The Black Unicorn (36656) K+ - FIN 17 chapt Apr02

Author's Summary: Vernon Dursley has never liked his nephew, but now he has sunken to an all time abusive low. Voldemort finds his enemy weakened, and takes advantage. Involves Harry, Sirius, Remus, Snape. *Completed*
Sequel: Changing Times

Non Sum Qualis Eram by Dalamar's Mercy (226566) M - WIP 9 chapt May03

Author's Summary:It's a war that's been fought for years. To Harry it doesn't matter. He has no hope, having been held prisoner by Voldermort for 4 years. Sirius, Remus, and most of the Weasly's are dead, along with many others. So what hope could he possibly have left? Harry was captured by Voldermort four years ago. Hermione is Draco’s toy. Ron, Remus and Sirius are dead. Harry has nearly given up hope of being rescued, when a familiar person is captured and suddenly shows up in Harry’s cell...

Not All Is As It Seems by kamahpfan (351593) K+ - WIP 27 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Harry's fifth year begins! While at the Dursley's, Harry get's an unexpected visitor. But what are his intentions? And who is this strange wizard in Diagon Alley? New powers, Non-Humans, Original Plotline, and unexpected turning of events!!
Hank O’Fallen is a big cat creature named Kahn.

Not Another Snape is Harry's Father Story by Ariana Deralte (55419) T - FIN 1 chapt Jun02

Author's Summary: A blatant parody of all the Snape-is-Harry's-father stories that are out there. Hope you all enjoy :)

Not Myself by Saerry Snape (74156) M - FIN 183 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: COMPLETE. AU fic. Harry Potter is left as an orphan on the streets of London. Yet when he finds himself in the home of a family of wizards, he finds that he's a wizard. And not just any wizard...
Probably awesome story, but very long. :)
Sequels: Not Myself YEAR 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7?

Nothing Hidden by SnapeIsMyHero (335638) T - FIN 17 chapt Feb03

Author's Summary: Snape-centered fanfic based on Severitus' challenge. Takes place in the summer after Year 4. Includes Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter. No sex, no gore.

Nothing is Truly Black or White by Vaughn (463333) T - WIP 10 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Not everything is what it seems. Will Snape discover this in time to help Harry? When two people are forced to cooperate to save their world and themselves, they find that some things are better kept hidden. HPSS, not slash. I'm still alive-Ch 6 added!

Nullifier by Aedalena (81345) T - WIP 8 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: There hasn't been a nullifier since Salazar Slytherin. Harry Potter WOULD have the rotten luck to be the exception. The world needs his help to defeat Voldemort, but Harry has no intention of being a hero. Dumbledore hopes to change Harry's mind by sendin
Back to the time of the founders. Bad Harry, loser Dumbledore.