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A Dark and Uninteresting Affair by D'Euly (517849) T - WIP 2 chapt Dec05

Author's Summary: After the Dark Lordís final defeat, Severus Snape makes his reentrance into the wizarding world. Thirty years of spying, lying, and deceit leaves its mark on a man, and Snape finds himself confronting his past actions as he tries to figure out how to sur
Needs more posted, not much yet.

Animosity Killed the Cat by Slytherin Slavelaborer (755483) M - WIP 1 chapt Dec05

Author's Summary: No HBP. Harry's sixth year is filled with an abuse shattered persona. Who will find out and help? Herimione.Ron.Dumbledore bashing . explicit child abuse and cutting . mention of rape . NO SLASH . mature audiences only

Blessing by Beth Weasley (349337) K+ - FIN 1 chapt 0

PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction.Net
Author's Summary: Inspired by Severitus' challenge. When Harry recieves a letter from the past, it will change the world... Rated for some language.
Starts out good, ended off.

Cast no shadow by Katlyn (382113) T - WIP 1 chapt Sep04

Author's Summary: When Draco and Harry are both in trouble, who will be the one to help them? Includes slightly dark, depressed Harry, and Draco's possibly a bit more understanding.
2.5 frogs. Nothing yet; Potential. Snape was just sent to checkup on Harry.

Damned Blood by smokey2307 (651445) T - WIP 3 chapt Dec05

Author's Summary: Post OotP, sixth year. Harry returns to Hogwarts after a quiet summer... but the past is about to come and bite him and others hard where it hurts. Quite dark, adult themes.

Dealing With Discoveries by Kiara-Kurai (564095) K - WIP 1 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: What if James Potter wasn't really Harry's father. What if Harry Potter was really Harry Snape? That would mean that Professor Snape was his father wouldn't it? I wonder how this will turn out?
Nothing yet. 3 frogs if continued.

Fathers and Sons by Eleonora1 (419264) T - WIP 9 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: A more traditional attempt at the Severitus challenge. On his 16th birthday, Harry receives an owl from the past - from Remus Lupin, sent 15 years ago. He discovers something startling about himself that will change many people's lives. SLASH RLSS
2 frogs for a very imaginative story... and circumstances that seem too unbelievable.

Harry Potter and the New Life by Tamsin1013 (902378) T - WIP 1 chapt Dec05

Author's Summary: The summer after 5th year finds many changes for Harry. Severitus and slash. Rating may go up. My first fic, please be kind.
Not much yet.

Gold Dragon by lightningbook (639826) K+ - WIP 10 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: A Severitus Challenge: A story of secerets,revelations,and quidditch.
No sense.

Into the Darkness by Tiger of the Fire (264521) M - WIP 7 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: Severitusí Challenge. Lies and deceit always get turned back onto those that created them, yet the creator will pay. But when one lie goes so far as to wreck the life of someone. Harry has had problems and is seeing through Dumbledore's deception.
Slash SS/LM Sevitus Daemon 2-3 frogs, has potential.

someone to love me by Veerleke (774684) K+ - WIP 5 chapt Sep05

Author's Summary: Severus Snape has been keeping a secret for a very long time, but now it's about to come out.This story will be Sevitus and will contain mentions of mpreg.

The Silent Tears of Crocodiles by Keres Weiland (842434) T - WIP 10 chapt Sep05

Author's Summary: Severus Snape, the cruelest professor at Hogwarts, has a secret. No one ever suspected that Snape had been more than simply an ex death eater. Severus Snape was a vampire, and what happens when Harry Potter discovers his secret and the identity of Snape
Draco too. Russian Sire vampire over all of them, need work on characterization of OC.

The Soul Of A Phoenix by Amber Dream (223445) T - WIP 2 chapt Jan05

Author's Summary: Based on Crab Apple Fairy's 'Rising From The Ashes'. Captured and tortured by Voldemort, when Harry is rescued, he is beyond healing. Not even phoenix tears work. But what of phoenix blood, willingly given? The summary sucks, sorry, pls RR.
Nothing yet.

Truth be Told by LionsFan (551004) T - WIP 1 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: Part of Harry's life has been a lie. An important part. Now, as he sorts through the truth and fights off more evil plots, he must learn about himself, and about the man that is his father. a Severitus fic!
Nothing yet.

Two Faced by SiriusFan13 (488961) K+ - WIP 2 chapt Jul05

Author's Summary: We all know how in the Philosopher's Stone, Harry was convinced the Snape was the baddie. And I'm sure many of us suspect that Harry was lucky he was wrong. But what if Snape really had been the villain? AU based on this scenerio. Please Review!
WIP, hasn't even begun.

Why me? by Hermione Malfoy Potter (53299) T - WIP 6 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: New twist to an old favorite. Severitus Challenge, I had to answer the call. Something happens to Harry a month before school starts. How will he survive this and.... Oh, just to read to find out - oh and sirius is alive in my story!
2 frogs. Harry turned into a girl. Maybe a MS.

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