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The Nature of Punishment by Corbin Slate (311641) K - FIN 1 chapt Nov03

Author's Summary: Harry gets into trouble with Snape, Harry pays the price and comes out better off. Mild Spoilers for OOTP! Revised!

The Nanny Blues by Gia (67564) K - FIN 1 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: One-shot. James and Lily are looking for a babysitter to watch over Harry. Lily won't pick Sirius, and resolves to interview the people who come in their home for the job. What lengths will Sirius go to get rid of them? Baby! Harry fic.
Humor. Sirius wants to be the babysitter for Harry but Lily and James disagree. They interview possible Nanies. Sirius scares them off. Humor.

The Neighbor by MochaChocaLatte (aka Spiffycool) (459733) K+ - FIN 13 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: Five year old Harry Potter is watched by a new neighbor who is anything but friendly, but for some reason wants to get to know Harry better, perhaps even save him from his miserable life with the Dursley's.
Prequel to Guiding Hand

The New Boy by Liz Barr (102290) K - FIN 1 chapt Dec02

Author Summary: AU. Harry is sorted into Slytherin. Snape is watchful.
One shot.

The NotSoSpoiled Brat by Rissa (7766) M - WIP 5 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: Snape is left in charge of Hogwarts over the summer and circumstances require a visit to #4 Privet Drive. While there, he discovers that Harry's home life is not as perfect as he had believed it to be. Warning: m/m slash, violence, rape, abuse

The Odd Couple by penpunk (306312) T - WIP 13 chapt Nov04

Author's Summary: AU...Here's a fic about the wizarding worlds very own Felix and Oscar. Severus and Sirius have to keep Harry safe during the summer after 4th year. That is, if they don't kill each other in the process.

The Only Thing He Needed by Howl (436284) K - FIN 1 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Harry needs to run, to escape the numbness of loss, but he's caught by the one person he doesn't want to be near, ever! (One-shot) Set in the summer after fifth year, Major Spoilers from Ootp, Not Slash!
Prequel: The Silent Watcher

The Order of Life by by CBeMe (363693) T - WIP 12 chapt Nov04

Author Summary: What if Harry was adopted by the Potters? Who would make up his real family? 5th year AU. An answer to Severitus Challenge.
Dobby and Winky get bonded to the Snapes through a ceremony.

The Other Side Of The Dark by seaghost (436730) T - WIP 26 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: He's going for the death sentence, Severus. And he's coming for you.' The Minister for Magic plans drastic action against all who bear the Dark Mark. But Snape has his own reasons for evading arrest...

The Other Side of the Mirror by darkcyan (28262) T - WIP 21 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: On his fifteenth birthday, Harry Potter begins to dream of someone disturbingly familiar. As the weeks pass, the dreams continue. What will happen when he returns to Hogwarts? And are these changes he's experiencing just puberty ... or something more?

The Owl and the Puppydog by Gillian Middleton (483952) K - FIN 1 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Sequel to "Mine" and "Snape's Vocation", where Sirius Black returns to Hogwarts.
Prequels: Mine, Snape's Vocation,
Sequel: The Absence of Unhappy

The Pain Seeker by shadowarwen (252917) T - FIN 23 chapt Jan04

Author's Summary: Harry is sick, but no one can figure out why. Plus, Voldemort might not be as dead as everyone believes. Will Harry be able to stand against him, or will his sickness overpower him?
Prequels: Don't Fall Away and Harry Potter and the Keeper of Power

The Painful Guardianship by dinasamirs (854769) T - WIP 15 chapt Sep05

Author's Summary: Summary:AU Finally Snape and Harry get to the “bottom” of things. A Snape adopts Harry Fic. The story starts by the end of POA and takes over from there. Contains spoilers to GOF and Ootp. The story involves spanking of childrenteens. If you are not c

The Path by Howl (436284) K - FIN 5 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: All he had to do was choose, but how much will that choice affect his life. And can he come to a truce with the one doesn't want to trust. Ootp spoilers, non-slash, a bit of a long one-shot...

The Persistence of Memory by neutral (135812) T - WIP 11 chapt Nov03

Author's Summary: The Boy Who Lived disappeared during the TriWizard Tournament, and Voldemort is discovered dead. A year later, a boy named James with no memory of his past is living in a muggle orphanage.
Remus and Sirius as protectors, family.

The Phoenix and the Serpent by ReaderRavenclaw (515757) K+ - WIP 10 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: "You can’t hurt a baby!" Even if the baby is Voldemort? Tom Potter, Harry's oldest son, is off to Hogwarts at last. But why does the Sorting Hat seem to think that he’d already been sorted? Have his parents been hiding something from him?

The Phoenix Rises by texasjeanette (494902) K - WIP 5 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: What if the Potters protected their son in such a way that no one even knew he was alive?

The Portrait of the Man on the Moon by ckat44 (407261) K+ - WIP 39 chapt Mar05

Author's Summary: Harry's 6th year starts off rough. He is holding a secret that he can't tell anyone in fear of being shunned and cast aside by all. He is bitten by Moony but Lupin doesn't remember. Strange familiar professor, and a painter is... different

The Price of Love by HP-KD (469878) T - WIP 10 chapt Oct04

Author's Summary: Moving in with his godfather isn’t quite what Harry had expected it to be. During the day, Sirius is kind, caring, and sensitive, but not quite guardian of the year material. That is… while he’s sober. Nights, however, are a different story.
Abuse warning.

The Price We Pay by Ilmare2 (280217) T - FIN 12 chapt Sep03

Author's Summary: After the end of the second war Dumbledore rescues a captured Snape from the dungeons of Lord Voldemort and the long road to recovery begins.
Unread. R/M rated version

The Pride of a Snake by MiDNiGHT-MoRPHiNE (201803) T - FIN 20 chapt Jul05

Author's Summary: A Severitus Challenge. Enough said?
The first chapter might give you pause, spelling mistakes and such, but the rest rocks so give it a chance! Damon Snape. A few mistakes like wrong character names, spelling throughout.

The Prophesy: Silent Shells by Once More With Feeling (280701) M - FIN 31 chapt Feb03

Author's Summary: Ok, new summary cause the other one was boring. Depressed and suicidal Harry. Draco and Snape are good :) (well they are so far.) Intersesting twists in Ch 1 & 9 This is the first story in my series The Prophesy. It is rated R for language and suicide.
Sequel: The Prophesy: Choke to Breathe

The Proud Man's Contumely by Apathy's Priestess (446261) M - WIP 18 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Post OotP-WIP-Slash 'How could Harry even begin to explain what it felt like...being expected to save the whole bloody world?...He was bloody pissed off, that’s how he felt! Angry and oh so damned helpless...'
Extreme ANGST! The only HP fic to make my eyes water (Chap14). SPOILERS! Remus becomes Harry's new godfather. Quidditch to be canceled this year. Dudley dies from an intercepted birthday present for Harry - poisoned candy rod. Hedwig was hurt and died as well though Harry didn't notice at the time. ANGsT!Remus tracked and killed Kretcher. DADA blond witch. The Hogwarts Express is attacked by dementors, Ron is Kissed. Conversations in his head with Voldemort.

The Rain by The Wolf of Were (212417) K+ - WIP 6 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: After Harry’s fifth year, he’s just spiraling downwards. He needs help, but where does one "mother-hen" owl turn to? No slash.

The Raven by Dizzy Wiz Bang (455687) K+ - FIN 6 chapt Mar04

Author's Summary: Raven!Snape. Summer after Harry’s 5th year, Severus Snape gets turned into a raven and happens upon Harry Potter. This is their summer together. PG for language, no biggie.

The Redemption of Decievers by Noratay (285058) T - FIN 11 chapt Apr03

Author's Summary: What if Professor Snape was in fact James Potter in disguise. When the Real Severus Snape arrives at Hogwarts, the imposter and his dark secrets are revealed. Severitus' Challenge with a twist. Complete.

The Reign Of Darkness by HoshiHikari (409307) M - FIN 30 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: Voldemort has a son which he only recenly found out. His name Thomas JR Riddle...better known as Harry James Potter. Now that Harry's return to his father..... the road to darkness begains....Dark Harry....

The Return of the Phoenix by Miss Sera (14917) T - WIP 6 chapt Jul03

Author's Summary: ON HIATUS! In a time where fear is on the rise, James Potter finds himself alive and having to contend with a son that's falling apart, old friends who don't believe him, and let's not forget the worst: A Dark Lord who'll want him gone- for good. RR!

The Right To Dream? by sunnycouger (138271) M - FIN 1 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary:Harry waits for the summons to go fight the last battle of the war against Voldermort and tries to come to terms with the sacrifice he knows he'll have to make even when Remus tries to talk him out of it. Complete Harry angst.

The Road Taken by Lady of El (aka Solo Shodan) (146592) K+ - WIP 10 chapt Sep04

Author's Summary: What if Dumbledore had listened to McGonagall on that fateful Halloween night? Where would the Boy-Who-Lived live then? And what if the Dursleys weren't Harry's only relatives? Not a Severitus challenge, but similar

The Sacrifice by Archer2 (304562) T - WIP 2 chapt Oct05

Author's Summary: To change the past is undeniably tempting in its possibilities. The draw to fix a mistake that previously had disastrous effects is more than some can withstand. Warnings for Violence, Language, and some Sexual Content. Better summery inside.

The Sad Eyes by volume (762755) K+ - FIN 7 chapt Sep05

Author's Summary: Harry is found on Voldemort's ship after being conquered by Snape's ship. Severitus. abuse! rescue! set in 18th century
Should be rated PG at least. Not sure if they actually are biological father and son, hints at it.

The Scarlet Letters by Sakura Blossom3 (160029) T - WIP 1 chapt Apr03

Author's Summary: Answer to Tantz Challenge! Harry is recieving curses by mail from Voldie, and when Snape is sent to capture him by Voldie, he can't seem to do it. Angst!Harry, Harry/Original Character

The Secret by Tia Evans (572092) T - WIP 34 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Another Severitus Challenge! Lily and James kept a secret from everyone about Harry. But what does one Severus Snape have to do with it? Some HPGW RWHG! NO SLASH! PG-13 just to be on the safe side! Probably only PG though! R&R!

The Secrets of Snape by dracos-girl8706 (418683) T - WIP 10 chapt Oct03

Author's Summary: Harry finds a brother and father. Snape finds his sons. Draco finds his real life and family. All of them find each other..

The Serpent of Lord Voldemort by Angie Astravic (9000) K+ - WIP 12 chapt Jul02

Author's Summary: Transformed into a serpent, a prisoner in Voldemort's lair, Harry must engineer his escape amidst encounters with Nagini, Wormtail and Snape, and then find a way to protect Malfoy from the Dark Lord's wrath when his mission to kill Harry goes awry.

The Severus He Saved by Jazz1 (95363) T - FIN 15 chapt Apr03

Author's Summary: According to the Wizarding World, Severus Dumbledore was murdered when he was four years old...but was he really?

The shortest Severitus story ever by IP82 (888655) K+ - FIN 1 chapt Nov05

Fanfiction.Net - FicWad.com
Author's Summary: ONESHOT, PostOotP. Parody on Severitus and Independent!Harry stories. VERY short, practically joke format.
Hahaha. XD 3.5 frogs.

The Silent Watcher by Howl (436284) K - FIN 1 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Set before 'The Only Thing He Needed', Snape watches Harry after the incident with Malfoy and Potter in the Entrance Hall, and comes to some different conculsions. Major OoTP spoilers, end of fifth year. Not Slash One-shot
Sequel: The Only Thing He Needed

The Smallest Stars by lostgirl (163643) K+ - FIN 10 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Children do not give up their innate imagination, curiosity, dreaminess easily. You have to love them to get them to do that. *RD Lang
Draco and sprite Harry fic. Beautiful begining... ending kinda gets lost in young adult life and drugs.

The snake who lived Book 1: Philosopher's stone by Akuma-sama (38985) T - FIN 14 chapt Feb03

Author's Summary: A family moves in next to #4 privet drive during the summer of 1991 and dramatically changes Harry's vision of things. Read and Review please! [Now finished!]
Sequels: The snake who lived book 2: the Chamber of secrets, The Snake Who Lived Book 3: Prisoner of Azkaban

The snake who lived book 2: the Chamber of secrets by Akuma-sama (38985) T - FIN 27 chapt Feb03

Author's Summary: Now complete!] Sequel to book 1: Philosopher's stone. Harry's second year in Slytherin begins... and nothing goes like it should! A Weasley in Slytherin, A self-obsessed, idiotic DADA teacher and a strange, ancient legend floating about...
Prequel: The snake who lived Book 1: Philosopher's stone, Sequel: The Snake Who Lived Book 3: Prisoner of Azkaban

The Sorcerer's Apprentice : Year One by jacquez h. valentine (4761) T - WIP Feb03

Author's Summary: Five Years. Two Wizards. Year One. Harry becomes Snape's apprentice. Snark ensues.
Myrrh tree, horrific transfigurations.

The Sorting Hat is Always Right by Maris Slytherin (310293) K - WIP 16 chapt Oct03

Author's Summary: The Sorting Hat finally gets its wish and resorts Harry into Slytherin. How will this alter the events of PoA? Eventual D/H slash, but not until later years. I may cover GoF, too. But, no D/H slash in the near future. Rating will go up, too! Eventually...
5thyr OOC Harry.

The Sound of Silence by brighteyes0621 (325968) T - WIP 5 chapt Jun03

Author's Summary: AU: Broken glass and sand, such simple elements. Can Harry learn to live in a world in which those two ordinary things have shaped history, or will the despair the changes bring drive him away from the only home he knows, away from Hogwarts?

The Strength of a Slytherin by Ilmare2 (280217) T - FIN 11 chapt Feb04

Author's Summary: Complete! The childhood of Severus Snape was neither easy nor fun. In fact it was hard and cruel. What turned that child into the man he is today? This is a look into those pivotal years. R&R!
Sequel: The Sorrows of a Slytherin

The Summer of 1995 by clairepotter (335186) T - WIP 21 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: Harry gets depressed in aftermath of third task, contains eating disorders and attempted suicide.

The Tail of a Boy by Sabrith Alastar (92607) K+ - WIP 4 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: Harry receives some documents that were meant to be kept from him and now questions what Dumbledore’s told him all along. (formerly "The Tail of a Boy and His Father) (yes the title is spelt right)
Tiny chapters.

The Taming Of Harry Potter by Melissa Jooty (4658) T - WIP 12 chapt Apr05

Author's Summary: Formely entitled 'The Boy In The Basement'. For young Harry Potter, a cupboard under the stairs is luxury compared to the conditions he has been kept in since he was seven years old...

The Truth by adge9631 (395985) T - WIP 18 chapt Jun05

Author's Summary: after OOTP...Harry's looks change from looking like James to Snape on his birthday, what do they mean? What does Harry do about them?

The Truth Hurts by soexasperating (602541) T - WIP 3 chapt Feb05

Author's Summary: The Dursleys are the scum of the earth, Harry follows the rules instead of doing the right thing, and Snape wishes to Merlin that he started drinking earlier in the day.

The Unexpected Friend by Questie (395736) T - WIP 29 chapt Dec04

Author's Summary: Harry and Severus are captured during Harry's 5th year. Not related to OOTP. Harry and the remaining Marauders discover some of Severus' hidden past.

The Unknown Father by Earwen Uruviel Tinuviel (215249) T - FIN 40 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: Sequal to my first fic but this one is in response to Severitus' Challenge with a slight twist. More things are happening at Hogwarts in Harry's fifth year, but nothing you would quite expect!
Prequel: Harry Potter and the Unsuspecting Savior; Sequel: Home For The Summer

The Vampire Blood in the Snape Family by Amanda Snape (194262) K - WIP 18 chapt Dec02

Author's Summary: Harry and Severus have more in common then one would think... click to read more...

The Visit by Ashliebelle (135173) T - WIP 18 chapt Nov04

Author Summary: Voldemort makes an offer that the wizarding world can't resist. 1,000,000 galleons for everyone in Britian in exchange for Harry's life. UPDATED! The most dangerous accident yet. Harry was meant to die, but someone else gets it instead.

The Ward of Hogwarts by Isis Malfoy (305096) K+ - WIP 4 chapt Mar03

Author's Summary: What if McGonagall had gotten her way when Harry was a baby? What would Harry have been like?
Harry grows up in Hogwarts with "Mama" McGonagall. "Papa" Dumbledore and "Uncle Se’rus". Best friend Ron. Harry buys Dumbledore his phoenix for his Birthday.

The Will To Live by ZeroZeta (331299) T - WIP 7 chapt Jul04

Author's Summary: The sixth year of Hogwarts proves to be a hard year for everyone. For Snape, especially, when his dangerous life of spying ends when the Dark Lord finds out about his disloyalty, for some reason, he loses the will to live. . . Post OotP. Chapter 5 is UP!

The Will to Survive by Felony Melanie (330240) T - FIN 12 chapt Oct03

Author's Summary: "Say hi to Sirius for me." [He] nodded, coughed, and slowly, his hand slipped from Harry's and fell limply to the ground." Post Ootp completed 10 1
Harry in Death Eaters and Voldemort's possesion.

The World Beyond by bluemeenie11 (148848) T - WIP 11 chapt Aug04

Author's Summary: AU: In his fifth year, Harry stumbles into a peaceful world where no one has heard of Voldemort. But something evil is lurking, and he may be the only one who can help...

The World Of Darkness by Cassiopiea (198460) T - WIP 11 chapt Aug02

Author's Summary: Voldemort has risen, and fallen. To the untrained eye he has. Really he's alive. But tabs have been put on witches and wizards everywhere. And Voldemort wants Harry-alive NOT HP/SS slash, just incase u were wondering. PG13-swearing.

The worst summer by AlastrionaSnape (464461) T - WIP 18 chapt Jun04

Author's Summary: Harry ends up spending the summer with his least favorite professor. Will they iron out their differences, or will one or both of them die in the process?
Summer after OoTP. Harry is cutting. "This is unacceptable. If I find any more marks on you, you will not like the consequences." "My feelings toward you godfather are not the issue. The issue is that you are not handling your grief. Therefore, you will return with me to Hogwarts. Pack your things. We are leaving." Snape and Remus become Harry's new guardians. At Snape manor, Harry's friends, cousin come to stay. Children tutored, Umbridge Trial